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odyssey prophecy (latest album)

enter the music

dark testings






"Steve Rob's 'Odyssey Prophecy' is like a trip to space with songs like 'Terraform' and 'The Mechanical Spider.' It's an amazing space album that takes you on a unique journey. Each song tells a cool story – don't miss out!"

 - Josh T -

Cincinnati, OH

I'm Steve, the proud owner of the Steve Rob Music brand. Music has always been my passion, and I've embarked on this creative journey to share my tunes with the world. It's not just about my music; it's a heartfelt tribute to the legendary bands that have inspired me, such as Pink Floyd, Genesis, The Beatles, and more.

My musical adventure began with the release of my debut single, "Dark Testing," on SoundCloud. To be honest, I didn't anticipate the overwhelming response it received. The encouragement and support I received from listeners inspired me to craft more albums like "Enter The Music" and "Odyssey Prophecy."

My ultimate aspiration is for my music to resonate with a wide audience, sparking their own creative flames and inspiring them to craft beautiful melodies. Someday, I dream of taking my music to the stage, hosting my very own concert, and sharing my love for music with an even larger audience.

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